Crazy Hoarder Kitchen Remodel in 11 Minutes DIY Time Lapse

Crazy Hoarder Kitchen Remodel in 11 Minutes! (DIY Time-Lapse)

Crazy Hoarder Kitchen Remodel in 11 Minutes! (DIY Time-Lapse)

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Have you ever seen a kitchen this bad? Check out this hoarder kitchen DIY remodel time lapse video and see how we changed everything! 110 hours of work in an 11 minute time lapse.

📺 Hoarder House Flip Episode 2 – Kitchen Remodel 🍿

Up next in the hoarder house flip series – the kitchen!

When I first saw this house I could not believe there was junk all the way up to the level of the counters… but it doesn’t look anything like that now!

The original cabinets were actually in great shape once we got everything cleaned out, but we decided to do some rearranging and go with all new everything – soft close cabinets, laminate countertops, ceramic tile backsplash, waterproof vinyl plank flooring, and a butcher block island counter.

From cleaning up the old mess all the way to installing the last of the shiplap, the kitchen took about 110 hours of labor to complete. It sure adds a lot of value to the house, though!

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Before and after pictures at the end of the video, or check out the sections below to skip to your favorite part!

Video Summary:
0:00 Hoarder Junk Cleanup
2:13 Demolition
4:08 Cabinet Installation
5:19 Countertops/Sink
5:58 Cabinet Door Install
6:56 Tile Backsplash/Cabinet Pulls
9:12 Vinyl Plank Flooring
10:15 Wood Shiplap Install
10:46 Before and After Pictures

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